Capstan Sensus Woltman meters: (50mm-600mm) Removable Mechanicsm, class 'B' - EEC Marked


  Measurment of high, relatively constant flow rates of water upto 45'C.

  Capstan Sensus HOT water meter suitable upto130'C

 Remote reading capability - Digital output with Electronic Counters

Materials of construction

 Body - Cast Iron

  Measuring Element - Plastic

  Rotor - Plastic

  Brass and stainless steel are also used


  Meters have EEC marking

  Hermetically sealed register (IP 68)

  High over load capacity .

  Symmetrical calibration adjustment ( DN 300 )

  Rotor Hydrodynamically balanced ( DN 300 )

  Removable measuring element

  Powder coating offers maximum corrosion resistance .

  Register can be rotated through 360’

  Not affected by external Magnetic fields.

  ¼ "connection port for pressure sensor."

  Upto 3 pulsers( 1 X OD , 2 X RD ) may be fitted without breaking the approval seal.

  Data Logger compatible meter can also be supplied