Federal OIL Flow Meter

Federal Oil Flow Meters, which is used for measuring the flow of viscous fluids. These meters are used to control the usage of oil in boilers, furnace, diesel generating set and shipping company. The offered oil meters are accurate, reliable and measure the movement of oil by counting the number of passed isolated volumes.

Salient Features

  Simple & cost effective construction

  Local Display & 8xl LCD (Flow rate, totaliser, totaliser re-setable)

  Outstanding accuracy for clean and low velocity application.

  Operates over wide ranges of temperature & pressure

  Easy maintenance

  Flame proof IP-68 on demand

  Battery operated

Salient Features

K-05 flow meters has a unique construction with a special material used for measuring chamber. Latest electronic technologies are used throughout with a multifunction all electronic register. A magnetic element picks up magnetic fields created by magnets embedded in one of the oval rotors in the measuring chamber. By the design, highly sensitive and reliable un-factored and factored pulses are obtained.

Federal OIL Flow Meter (50mm-300mm)

Federal Flow Meters are Flame proof IP 65/ IP 66, CMRI certified IIA IIB having range Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Battery Operated Flow Meters, Oil Flow Meter. These Flow meters are recommended for Water, Refineries, Petro Chemicals, Sugar Mills, Textile Mills, Paper Mill, ETP plant, Milk Plant, Diesel, Vegetable Oils and other commercial and industrial applications.

  Indication through LED / LCD

  Full Bore type

  Microprocessor based

  Simple & cost effective construction

  Provides wide flow ranges

  Outstanding accuracy.

  Operates over wide ranges of temperature & pressure

  Easy maintenance as no moving parts.

  Pulsed DC coil excitation

  Flame-proof, IP-65, IIA, IIB CMRI certified housing.

Note: Flanges drilled as per IS:1538 unless otherwise stated.