Itron Woltmann water meter (50mm-500mm) Removable Mechanicsm - MID Marked

Woltex M

  Horizontal Woltmann meter with extended accuracy range for water distribution applications

  Woltex M is a horizontal Woltmann meter available in sizes from DN 50 to 500

  With its extended accuracy range it is dedicated to all applications around water distribution where high reliability and accuracy is requested.

Salient features

  Hermetically sealed register (copper can/mineral glass envelope)

  Extended Approved Range (EEC/ISO approved)

  Interchangeable approved mechanisms without re-calibration

  Pre-equipped through Cyble as a standard

  Endurance & Peak Flow Resistance

Communication: Woltex M is supplied pre-equipped with Cyble Target Allows communication and remote reading through

  Pulse output (Cyble Sensor)

  M-Bus protocol (Cyble M-Bus)

  Radio frequency wireless link (Cyble RF)

Compatible with Itron complete offer for Metering Point Management (Automated Remote Reading,Metering Point Analyser, Automated Meter Data Collection)




These Cyble modules allow the Woltex M meter to be connected with various associated systems if and when desired.

They are particularly adapted to commercial and industrial applications where a need for frequent meter monitoring is expressed especially in hard-to-read locations.