Salient features

  •   High-quality UV-resistant plastic inspection window
  •   Dry dial register with shielded magnetic coupling
  •   Rotatable and individually inscribable lidring
  •   Operating temperature up to 30°C, optional up to 50°C
  •   Operating pressure PN 16
  •   Water meter for horizontal and vertical installation
  •   Register available as copper can version (IP 68)
  •   Version MTKD-N with pulse output (reed) for remote readout
  •   Standard pulse value 10 l/pulse, optional 1 l/pulse available
  •   Version MTKD-M with modulator disc for non-reactive scanning
  •   Approved in accordance with MID

Zenner Domestic water meters: (15mm - 50mm) Multi jet , Dry dial - MID Marked